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Letter from the Editor

XSCRÜ was founded by a group of passionate technical SEO specialists looking to cut through the noise and provide data based analysis and easy place to stay up to date on all of the latest news.

XSCRÜ has absolutely no political agenda and has no interest in injecting politics where it doesn’t belong. That said, we are proud to provide an outlet for our writers to express themselves — no matter what their political leanings and preferences are.

Our Editorial Policies

Journalistic Standards

Every single editor, contributor, and author at XSCRÜ is committed to abiding by a strict set of editorial standards and journalistic principles in an effort to make the website the most trustworthy gaming news outlet in the entire industry.

That said, everybody makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect. When an inevitable mistake does occur, we aim to rectify it immediately by issuing a correction and reminding the author to abide by our strict set of journalistic ethics.

Facts, Not Fiction

Every contributor at XSCRÜ is expected to submit content that is free from errors, well-written, and thoroughly fact-checked. In the same fashion, every editor is expected to ensure that there are no factual mistakes before publication.

Anonymity Matters

XSCRÜ is committed to both individual freedom and freedom of speech. As such, we will always protect our anonymous sources.

Did we get something wrong?

If a story contains misleading information or — worse yet — a major mistake, do not hesitate to contact us.

XSCRÜ's Core Team

Head of SEO: Daniel Polo (Spain)

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Diversity Policy & Equality

XSCRÜ has a simply mission: to offer our readers the latest, well-written video game news. With this in mind, we believe their is absolutely no room for discrimination at our project.

Our doors are open to any and every talented writer and video game enthusiast. We do not think in terms of race, gender, age, religion, or identity. All that matters to us is an individual’s skill and and effort, and we work hard to make everyone feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to XSCRÜ.


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